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Animal bites can occur without notice or provocation

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | Uncategorized |

We consider dogs to be mans’ best friend, though virtually any dog is capable of attacking without warning. A dog may find itself in a stressful situation because it is scared or startled. Animal bites typically occur when a dog feels threatened and feels the need to protect its puppies, food or even a toy. New Jersey, like most states, has a strict liability law that holds owners accountable when their animal bites.

In late November, a woman in another state was walking her two small dogs encountered a 3-year-old boxer. The dog was on a leash, but the handler was not holding it. The woman quickly picked up her smallest dog, named Oreo, as the boxer charged and attacked her Schnauzer Layla. The woman suffered bite wounds on her hand, and her little dog was whimpering and bleeding after suffering several puncture wounds.

These types of attacks are common, according to field service officers for animal control. While the severity of bites varies, there is often some level of incident daily. Little Layla needed a $481 surgery to repair damage initially, and an additional procedure was over $1,000. Animal Care and Control confiscated the dog, and after nine days, the owner paid $170 to get it back. The dog will have to wear a muzzle for the rest of its life. 

The effects of animal bites can be devastating. Owners may suffer from high medical bills, lost time at work and have an overall emotional discomfort around other animals. New Jersey has stringent laws to protect those who are injured by negligent pet owners. The owners can be held financially responsible for the harm their dogs cause. Victims may enlist the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney who can examine the evidence and assist in pursuing compensation in appropriate cases. 

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