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New Jersey car accidents: 3 young women critical

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Car accidents can occur at any time. Under most circumstances, insurance and registration information are exchanged and people go on their way. This is not the case for several families in New Jersey who are holding vigils at loved ones’ hospital beds. Car accidents among young people in New Jersey are a significant concern.

The crash happened on a recent Tuesday morning at 6:31 a.m. A sedan traveling north on a local roadway collided with a box truck that was headed west on an intersecting road. The box truck was found resting on top of the car after pushing it into a culvert. A towing company responded with heavy-duty wreckers to lift the truck off the car. First responders from three separate rescue companies worked together, using the Jaws of Life to rescue the trapped victims.

Paramedics reported that Brunswick, Monroe and Cranberry Emergency Medical Services assisted the victims. The New Jersey State Police arranged for the transport of the injured women via Medevac. The three passengers from the sedan are currently in critical condition at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and the driver has been listed in stable condition. The 36-year-old truck driver has been treated and released.

Police, who are still investigating the accident, withheld information regarding the crash pending contact with the families of the accident victims. Car accidents like this are typically the result of someone’s negligence. Loss of wages along with mounting hospital bills and long-term recovery programs can be financially devastating. Accident victims may choose to contact a personal injury attorney for advice and guidance in assessing the circumstances of a particular accident and determining whether a claim for monetary damages may be appropriate.

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