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Several animal bites reported in New Jersey lately

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Animal Bites |

New Jersey never seems to be lacking in dog attack cases. Recently, a couple of residents in Nutley reported suffering animal bites while out walking around their neighborhoods. Police were called to investigate in both incidents.

On June 17, a Park Avenue resident called police about after dog bit him on the leg as he was walking in the neighborhood. The wound was, thankfully, only minor and medical attention was refused. The animal’s owner in this case was able to provide a dog license and documentation that the dog had all its shots.

On June 20, an Elm Place resident was attacked by a poodle. The dog bit this individual’s left shin. The extent of the injury was minor, and the victim actually declined immediate medical attention. Upon investigating the matter, it was found that the owner lacked appropriate licensing for the dog and did not have any documentation showing that the animal was up to date on its shots.

Not all dog attack injury cases have such minor outcomes, and sometimes even those animal bites that seem insignificant at first can quickly turn into something major if the injury sites becomes infected. New Jersey residents who are the victims of animal attacks do not have to bear the burden of handling the cost of their care and recoveries alone. Civil claims may be filed against the owners of vicious animals in an effort to seek relief for any losses resulting from the bite injury. Damages that the state deems recoverable may be economic or non-economic in nature.

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