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Motorcycle accidents: SUV kills couple on bike

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

This time of the year typically sees bikers in New Jersey out on the roads, enjoying the summer. Sadly, not all motorists keep a lookout for motorcyclists. When motorcycle accidents involve automobiles, the consequences are often catastrophic. Lives are sometimes lost in these crashes, and those who survive frequently suffer life-changing injuries.

One such an accident claimed the lives of two people from Commercial Township on a recent Sunday. A preliminary accident report indicates that a couple was northbound on their motorcycle in the early evening when a southbound SUV crossed into their lane. The resulting crash caused life-threatening injuries to both the bikers.

A rider on another motorcycle was not directly hit but suffered minor injuries. The couple was rushed to a hospital, but both were declared dead shortly after arrival. The driver of the SUV — a 76-year-old man — was uninjured. Authorities reported that the reason for the SUV crossing the center line is yet to be determined, and the accident investigation is ongoing.

Losing loved ones in motorcycle accidents is always traumatic for surviving family members, and when such an accident claims the lives of a husband and his wife, the loss is naturally indescribable. Such tragedies frequently lead to wrongful death claims filed in a New Jersey civil court. After the plaintiffs have established negligence before the court, documented claims will be adjudicated. If the court then enters a monetary judgment, it may cover the costs of end-of-life arrangements, along with other financial losses and emotional damages that were brought about by the accident.

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