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New Jersey workers’ compensation: Burn injury facts

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Burn injuries can happen in a number of work environments. While many only result in minor injuries, those burns that are moderate to severe can have significant, if not fatal, consequences for the victim. New Jersey residents who have suffered burn injuries while on the job or who have lost loved ones whose burn injuries at work resulted in fatality may be entitled to access workers’ compensation benefits in order to cover any medical costs and ease financial needs.

Burns are classified by how much damage they do to one’s skin. First degree burns are the most common. These will cause the skin to turn red and cause pain, but they will not cause blistering. Then there are second degree burns. This level of burn will result in skin blistering, pain and cause the injury area to thicken.

Third and fourth degree burns cause the most damage. Third degree burns result widespread thickening of the skin, blisters and charring of skin. Fourth degree burns, on the other hand, go beyond the skin and affect muscle, tendons and bones.

Burn injuries that are considered serious tend to require pretty extensive treatment. Surgery, IV therapy, creams, antibiotics and pain medications may be used initially. When a person is ready, physical therapy and other rehabilitation methods may then be utilized to help him or her regain partial or full physical function. In the most severe cases, one may find that long-term assisted care is necessary.

Burns can take a long time to heal with no guarantees of full recovery. If infection sets in and cannot be treated, fatality may even result. Under certain circumstances, burn injuries may be covered under workers’ compensation benefits. Of course, some New Jersey residents may find that getting full and fair coverage can be a bit difficult. An experienced attorney can assist those who have suffered burn injuries or lost loved ones because of the same in pursing maximum relief from work comp providers and anyone else who may be held responsible for their losses.

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