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New Jersey animal bites: Several injured in pit bull attack

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2017 | Animal Bites |

Law enforcement officials in New Jersey were contacted early in the day on March 21 after a pit bull attacked and injured five people. This happened at an apartment complex in Neptune. Per state laws regarding animal bites, the dog’s owner may be held responsible for any damages sustained by the victims.

According to a recent news report, the owner of the pit bull had asked a friend to take his dog after it attacked his wife. The friend — a 41-year-old male — agreed and took the animal. The man then took the dog with him when he went to visit and stay with his sister and 10-year-old nephew overnight. The next morning, the child went to check on the dog and was bitten on the arm, as was his mother and uncle when they tried to stop the dog. The animal then ran out of the apartment and attacked two other people before being restrained.

Four of the the five people injured by the animal were transported to an area hospital for treatment. Their current conditions are unknown. The dog has since been put down and a rabies test is pending.

As of the latest report, no criminal charges have been filed in this case. Even if criminal charges are not filed against the owner, it does not mean that the victims of this incident cannot pursue civil actions in order to seek compensation for their losses. In cases involving animal bites, personal injury claims may be filed in a New Jersey civil court. Those claims that are successfully litigated may be awarded monetary judgments.

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