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Following motorcycle accidents, damages my be compensable

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Numerous New Jersey residents ride motorcycles for enjoyment and/or an economical form of transportation. This method of getting around can be thrilling, some would even say freeing, as you are not enclosed within an automobile. True as that may be, when motorcycle accidents happen, the results are more likely to be serious in nature for the victim — if not fatal.

There are various reasons as to why motorcycle accidents occur. One of the biggest is that these vehicles can be extremely difficult for other drivers to spot due to their small size. Of course, the failure to see a motorcyclist does not necessarily removed liability from a driver who hits or enters the path of one of these bikes.

Following a motorcycle accident, no matter how it occurred, the victim or in the event of fatality — his or her surviving family members will face quite a few obstacles in getting the economic and non-economic help that they need. This is true even if the victim has insurance. This is where a skilled attorney can prove invaluable. Not only can actions be taken against insurance companies to fight for fair and full coverage, but legal claims may also be made against the party or parties deemed responsible for your losses. To learn more, please visit our firm’s website.

Whether you, yourself have suffered injuries in a motorcycle crash or you are the family member of a victim killed in such an incident, according to the state of New Jersey you may be entitled to seek damages for any losses you have experienced. This can be done by filing civil claims against all those believed responsible. Common claims following motorcycle accidents include personal injury, wrongful death and survival actions. An experienced attorney will be able to review your case and, if appropriate, help you file and litigate the claims applicable to your situation.