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New Jersey car accidents: 2 injured in tractor-trailer crash

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A tractor-trailer and container truck collided recently on Route 17 in New Jersey. While both of the drivers escaped without injury, debris from the incident caused two other car accidents and resulted in two people suffering injuries. The victims of this crash may pursue damages in civil court by filing legal claims against one or both of the truck drivers and their employers.

According to reports, on the morning of Feb 22., in Paramus, a container truck became disabled in the middle lane of northbound Route 17. The driver of a tractor-trailer coming up behind the stopped truck tried to swerve and avoid a collision, but was unsuccessful. He struck the truck, sending steel beams across the roadway and into the southbound lanes.

One of the beams struck a small sedan on the southbound side of the road. The driver of that car — a 56-year-old male — became trapped in his vehicle and had to be freed by emergency responders. He was then transported to an area hospital with serious injuries. The driver of a small SUV ran over one of the beams and complained of back and chest pain after the incident. It is unclear as to whether this person was transported for medical care.

Car accidents that result in injuries, such as in this case, can leave the victims hurting physically, financially and emotionally. In an effort to recoup any losses it is possible for victims to file civil claims against those believed responsible. Those claims that are successfully litigated in a New Jersey civil court may be granted full and fair compensation for any damages which are deemed legally recoverable.

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