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New Jersey car accidents: Injuries from defective airbags

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2017 | Car Accidents |

In New Jersey and elsewhere, auto collisions occur every single day. Safety equipment is installed to help those involved avoid death or injury. Sadly, though, there are numerous car accidents that have bad outcomes because that safety equipment failed in some way or was defective at the time of installation. Who is responsible when safety equipment contributes to injury or death in a car crash?

The issue with Takata airbags has been widely reported. Automaker BMW just joined the long list of vehicle manufacturers forced to recall cars due to the use of these defective airbags. It is believed that 200,000 BMW vehicles are affected.

According to reports, the issue with the airbags is not about failure to deploy, but rather that they do deploy and shoot debris and shrapnel at the automobile occupants. This defect is said to have contributed to about 150 injuries and 15 deaths. Millions of cars in the United States have these airbags installed, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Anyone with a vehicle on the recall list should have the problem remedied as soon as possible.

New Jersey residents who have either been injured or lost loved ones due to these defective airbags deploying during car accidents may have legal recourse. Personal injury claims may possibly be filed against the driver believed responsible for the incident but also against the vehicle manufacturer and others in the chain of supply. An experienced attorney can file and litigate the claims appropriate to one’s case. If successful, monetary relief for any and all recoverable damages may be achieved.

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