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Workers’ compensation available to those injured on the job

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

It does not matter where one is employed, every work environment has potential hazards — some more than others. Those in New Jersey and elsewhere who suffer injuries while on the job may have the ability to utilize workers’ compensation benefits in order to get the medical and financial care they need going forward. This may certainly be the case for two employees in another state who were recently injured while working at a manufacturing facility.

It was recently reported that two individuals suffered burn injuries while at work at Southwest Products — a manufacturing company. Fire crews arrived on scene and found one individual had suffered severe burns. This victim — a 34-year-old male — was airlifted to a burn center for care. His current condition has not been reported. The second victim is said to have suffered minor burn injuries.

The manufacturing company at which this incident occurred is said to produce custom service vehicles, industrial tanks and various other items. At this time, this accident is still under investigation. Authorities have not yet indicated what may have caused the incident.

Manufacturing facilities can be dangerous places. As such, owners of such facilities are to take precautions to help prevent accidents from occurring — such as providing safety gear and training. Unfortunately, accidents do still happen and when they do, the victims may suffer in numerous ways. Workers’ compensation benefits can help ease the economic burdens of victims following such events. An experienced attorney can assist with filing the appropriate claims and fighting for full benefits, and if applicable, third-party claims may also be filed in a New Jersey civil court in an effort to pursue further damages.

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