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Passengers hurt in car accidents have rights

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2016 | Car Accidents |

A car accident can change a person’s life in an instant, even if he or she was not behind the wheel at the time of the collision. Car accidents can inflict serious injury on passengers when drivers are reckless, negligent or disregard the safety of others. New Jersey individuals who are hurt or families that lost a loved one due to the actions of another person have the right to a full and fair recovery.

Recently in Florence, an off-duty police officer and a woman were involved in a serious collision when their car struck a utility pole. The police officer was driving, and the impact threw him from the vehicle. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of critical injuries. The woman was killed in the accident. A blood test was performed on the driver to determine if he was intoxicated at the time.

The accident is still under investigation, and it is believed that the driver was speeding. Even though the results of the blood test are pending, the family of the deceased may have grounds to file a civil claim against the driver for the negligent or reckless actions that resulted in the death of their loved one. If a wrongful death claim is a reasonable option, they may recover some of the financial losses they endured as a result of the accident.

When a person is killed in an accident in New Jersey, it is important for a family to act quickly to determine what legal options are available. Wrongful death compensation cannot reverse the damage done in car accidents, but it can help those impacted move forward and begin to rebuild their lives. A case evaluation can determine what steps are most appropriate.

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