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New Jersey’s turnpikes see numerous car accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2016 | Car Accidents |

The Atlantic City Expressway and the New Jersey Turnpike see a significant amount of traffic every day. The New Jersey Turnpike in particular is considered one of the busiest roadways in the country. Numerous car accidents occur on it, resulting in a variety of injuries, deaths and property damage.

People from all over the country travel the New Jersey Turnpike, along with commuters and commercial vehicles. It is not unusual for vehicles that are traveling at 80 mph to have to slow down suddenly. This high speed stop-and-go traffic pattern often contributes to accidents. This is especially common when drivers fail to pay adequate attention to the traffic and crash into other vehicles.

Vehicles are regularly forced off the road, tailgated and bottle-necked at toll booths. Drivers in commercial and passenger vehicles make unsafe lane changes, and there is often debris, such as pieces of tractor-trailer tires, on the roadway. Chain reaction crashes are not uncommon either. Due to the volume of traffic, speed and other factors, accidents can be severe and complex for those investigating them. If you were injured in an accident on the turnpike, or you lost a loved one, it could be beneficial to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Police reports can be supplemented with an independent investigation that could include a reconstruction. Medical expenses could easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars or higher if injuries are severe. If your loved one did not survive, funerals and burials create unexpected expenses that can also be costly. These and other damages often seen in car accidents might be awarded in a successful claim that proves the injuries were the result of another person’s negligence.