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Recent New Jersey motorcycle accidents: 1 injured in crash

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A New Jersey motorcyclist was recently involved in a serious two-vehicle accident that left him with serious injuries. The motorcyclist is still in serious condition at a medical center in Hackensack. Motorcycle accidents like these typically result in serious — if not catastrophic or fatal — injuries, but if it comes to light that the other driver was at fault, the motorcyclist may be legally entitled to file a personal injury suit against the driver.

The motorcyclist, a 58-year-old Wanaque man, was riding his motorcycle around 7 p.m. on a recent Sunday in June when a 27-year-old Wayne man’s vehicle crossed the road’s center line, crashing into the motorcycle. When police arrived, they found the motorcyclist lying in the middle of the road, and he had suffered severe extremity injuries as a result of the head-on collision, the authorities said. He was rushed to a local medical center by helicopter.

An investigation concluded that the other driver had been texting at the time the crash occurred. A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of a small amount of heroin. The driver was charged with fourth-degree aggravated assault by auto in addition to a drug possession charge.

After motorcycle accidents like these occur, it is all too common for many insurance companies to try and work out quick settlements that are in their own best interests — not the victims’. The cost of repairing the victim’s motorcycle is often minor when compared with his or her medical bills and lost wages. When a New Jersey resident is injured in a motorcycle accident, the victim will likely need an experienced personal injury attorney to fight his or her legal battles while time is taken for the individual to recover.

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