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Drunk driving accidents have serious consequences in New Jersey

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Being involved in a car accident is never fun for anyone. Whether one is at fault or not, between damages sustained to one’s vehicle and injuries, the repercussions can be felt both financially and physically for a long time after a wreck. Two New Jersey police officers, who were already aware of the consequences of drunk driving accidents, now know firsthand how damaging they can be.

On an early Sunday morning in May, a 25-year-old man was driving a luxury SUV along the eastbound lane of the New Jersey Turnpike, when he rear-ended a Port Authority police car in Newark. According to reports, the crash sent the police car and its two passengers into the guardrail, with enough force to deploy the vehicle’s airbags. The driver of the SUV sped away in the wrong direction, heading westbound in the eastbound lanes.

Both Port Authority officers and the New Jersey State Police pursued the driver of the SUV and stopped him a short while later. The two police officers were taken to a nearby hospital and released a short while later. According to the authorities, the driver of the SUV was drunk, and his blood alcohol content was more than double the legal limit.

Although the New Jersey police officers will likely receive workers’ compensation benefits due to the injuries they sustained in the accident, they may also have the right to pursue personal injury compensation in a civil court. When on-the-job injuries are the result of negligent third parties, as is the case in many drunk driving accidents involving workers, the injured parties may be able to pursue personal injury compensation in addition to workers’ compensation. By doing so, they may feel as if justice has been served. 

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