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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Recent New Jersey car accidents: pickup and ambulance collide

An ambulance that had been transporting an elderly patient was recently involved in an accident, local authorities say. After colliding with a pickup truck, the ambulance overturned. This left the patient as well as two other individuals who were in the ambulance seriously injured. When car accidents like these occur in New Jersey, the victims affected might be faced with mounting medical bills as well as lost pay that they incur while they recover from their injuries.

Car accidents and drunk drivers: when alcohol kills

Car accidents can severely affect New Jersey individuals' lives. Even when a motorist is fully functioning, mistakes can still occur. However, when alcohol is consumed before operating a motor vehicle, the outcome of car accidents -- and their resultant injuries -- can sometimes be even more severe.

Recent New Jersey car accidents: crash leaves five injured

When New Jersey residents are the victims of car accidents, the individuals' lives can be changed, sometimes irrevocably. Between the damage to their vehicle and the recovery from injuries suffered in the accident, it can sometimes take a long time for the individuals to get back on the road feeling healthy and safe. When the car accidents are the result of the other driver's negligence, some might be left wondering how they will pay for all of the damages incurred as a result of the car accident.

Recent car accidents in New Jersey: two-car crash in Galloway

The screech of tires, the deafening sound of metal colliding against metal and the shattering of glass. These are the sounds that cars' occupants often hear when they have been involved in car accidents. As some New Jersey residents know, these sounds can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Recent New Jersey car accidents: Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run

Bicycles offer a wonderful sense of freedom as a means of transportation. Even though many New Jersey residents use their bicycles as a mode of transportation to and from work, most know that riding exposes them to increased levels of risk. When bicyclists are involved in car accidents, serious or even fatal injuries can result.

Recent car accidents in New Jersey: 3 injured in bus accident

Many New Jersey residents know that car accidents tend to increase over the summer. Due to high school and college-aged students being out on summer break as well as many families hitting the roads for vacation, there are simply just a higher number of drivers on the roads. However, sometimes car accidents can occur in unexpected places.

Car accidents and the New Jersey bicyclists they often injure

Bicycles are a very popular method of transportation in and throughout New Jersey. Although they are excellent for exercise, recreation and commuting, they, unfortunately, do not provide a great deal of protection when car accidents occur. This is especially true when a bicyclist is struck by a car, as even the best helmet cannot do much to protect the rest of the cyclist's body against the force of such a large and powerful vehicle.

Distracted driving often plays a role in many car accidents

Most New Jersey residents know that intoxication and operating a motor vehicle don't mix. Additionally, most know that driving while texting or talking on the phone are often just as effective at taking a driver's attention off the road, enabling poor decision-making processes and considerably slowing reaction times. However, many car accidents still occur every day in this state, many due to some form of distracted driving.

Pilot program reduced pedestrian accidents in several NJ locations

Improving pedestrian safety is not always an easy prospect, particularly in cases where pedestrian safety issues arise from poor infrastructure and other factors that require authorities to invest significant time and planning. Also challenging, though, is addressing safety issues rooted in poor decision-making on the part of both drivers and pedestrians.

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