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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

New Jersey car accidents now more common

In New Jersey, charges have been filed regarding a motor vehicle crash that killed two. Most people may never have their lives touched by car accidents, but several families' lives will never be the same as a result of this tragedy. Loved ones are mourning the loss of two women who died in the crash. The driver has been charged with death by auto.

Senior drivers may cause fewer car accidents that some may think

Some in New Jersey may believe that any senior driver is a threat to the safety of others. This may be a misconception, because -- without comparing the numbers of car accidents caused by drivers of different ages -- several facts invalidate that perception. Apart from some exceptions, seniors diligently wear their seat belts and observe speed limits. They avoid driving while impaired, driving after dark and in bad weather, and they mostly stay away from high traffic areas and busy intersections.

Car accidents: 2 drivers seriously injured in East Brunswick

Two New Jersey women suffered serious injuries when their vehicles collided in the early evening of a recent Wednesday. This appears to have been just one of several car accidents on a particular road in East Brunswick. Law enforcement has launched an investigation into the crash.

Drunk driving accidents: 3-car crash injures 2 adults, 1 child

A New Jersey driver was arrested, and he is waiting to learn the full extent of the charges against him. Authorities said further charges were pending the receipt of the results of toxicology tests to determine the level of his alleged impairment during an incident that occurred on a recent Wednesday. The crash happened similarly as many other drunk driving accidents in which impaired drivers cannot maintain lane control.

New Jersey car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in recent wreck

Police in New Jersey are investigating the cause of a recent wreck that left one man dead and another man injured. Sadly, car accidents that have such outcomes are fairly common. If this event was the result of negligent actions, the surviving victim and possibly the family members of the deceased may have legal recourse.

Car accidents and sleep apnea -- how are they related?

Numerous individuals in New Jersey can been seen driving around while drowsy. A lot of people struggle to sleep for various reasons, and it really can have a negative impact on how well they function during the day. For some, though, the lack of sleep is caused by the medical condition sleep apnea. Due to the impact this disorder has on the body, those with it are more likely to cause car accidents than those without it.

New Jersey car accidents: Fatal crash caused by wrong-way driver

A fatal crash that occurred on Easter Sunday is being investigated by New Jersey authorities. Two people died in the wreck, and three others were injured. Following car accidents of this nature, if negligence is believed to have contributed, victims or their surviving family members may have legal recourse.

New Jersey car accidents: 3 injured in recent crash

A recent auto accident in New Jersey that injured three people is being investigated by law enforcement officials. Three vehicles were involved in the wreck, two of which were legally parked at the time of the collision. When car accidents are believed to result from negligent behavior, according to state laws the victims may pursue compensation for their losses. While few details have been released about this particular incident, the laws regarding compensation may apply in this case.

New Jersey car accidents: Teen injured in wreck sues dad and wins

Certain personal injury lawsuits make the news due to significant monetary judgments being awarded or interesting circumstances surrounding the cases. A recent case to make headlines in New Jersey is about a teenage girl who filed a personal injury claim against her father and won. To all those who have been injured in car accidents while passengers in another person's vehicle, regardless if that person is a family member, information about this particular suit may be worth reading.

New Jersey car accidents: 2 injured in tractor-trailer crash

A tractor-trailer and container truck collided recently on Route 17 in New Jersey. While both of the drivers escaped without injury, debris from the incident caused two other car accidents and resulted in two people suffering injuries. The victims of this crash may pursue damages in civil court by filing legal claims against one or both of the truck drivers and their employers.

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