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Motorcycle Accidents Archives

Summers are synonymous with motorcycle accidents

A perfect September night for a motorcycle ride ends in tragedy. What should have been a relaxing, carefree evening turned into one of horrific proportions -- all because a driver did not look out for a motorcycle. New Jersey and summer are synonymous with motorcycle accidents because of vehicle drivers do not share the road.

Motorcycle accidents: SUV kills couple on bike

This time of the year typically sees bikers in New Jersey out on the roads, enjoying the summer. Sadly, not all motorists keep a lookout for motorcyclists. When motorcycle accidents involve automobiles, the consequences are often catastrophic. Lives are sometimes lost in these crashes, and those who survive frequently suffer life-changing injuries.

New Jersey motorcycle accidents: Motorcyclist injured in crash

Police in New Jersey are investigating the cause of a recent crash between a motorcycle and a car. This incident is said to have occurred in Galloway Township on Tuesday, June 27. When motorcycle accidents are the result other drivers' negligence, the victims of such wrecks may seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

New Jersey motorcycle accidents: 1 killed recent crash

A recent crash between a car and a motorcycle is responsible for the death of a Drew University student. This tragic event occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike the evening of Sunday, April 30. When motorcycle accidents have fatal outcomes, such as this one, the victim's surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

Following motorcycle accidents, damages my be compensable

Numerous New Jersey residents ride motorcycles for enjoyment and/or an economical form of transportation. This method of getting around can be thrilling, some would even say freeing, as you are not enclosed within an automobile. True as that may be, when motorcycle accidents happen, the results are more likely to be serious in nature for the victim -- if not fatal.

Things to know about motorcycle accidents

In New Jersey and elsewhere, accidents involving motorcyclists are pretty common. When motorcycle accidents do occur, injured riders may have a lot of questions regarding liability and covering any associated expenses. Depending on the circumstances surrounding one's specific collision, one may be able to successfully establish negligence in court and achieve compensation for his or her losses.

Recent New Jersey motorcycle accidents: 1 injured in crash

A New Jersey motorcyclist was recently involved in a serious two-vehicle accident that left him with serious injuries. The motorcyclist is still in serious condition at a medical center in Hackensack. Motorcycle accidents like these typically result in serious -- if not catastrophic or fatal -- injuries, but if it comes to light that the other driver was at fault, the motorcyclist may be legally entitled to file a personal injury suit against the driver.

Recent New Jersey motorcycle accidents: 1 killed in crash

A New Jersey man recently died in a motorcycle accident after colliding with a vehicle. The Wharton man died on a recent Tuesday in June, the police said. When motorcycle accidents occur that are caused by the negligence of other drivers, victims or their families, depending on the situations, may seek to file either personal injury suits or wrongful death claims against the drivers.

Recent New Jersey motorcycle accidents: 1 seriously injured

A Franklin Lakes man was recently involved in a serious motorcycle accident in Bergen County. The accident occurred on a recent Wednesday in March, police said. When New Jersey residents are involved in similar motorcycle accidents, they often seek to discover whether they are entitled to file a personal injury suit against the party believed to be responsible.

Recent motorcycle accidents: 70-year-old thrown from motorcycle

The severity of motor vehicle accidents varies widely -- a great deal result in some form of injury while others result in death. If an accident occurs between two cars, the results can be devastating. However, when an accident involves a car and a motorcycle, the resulting injuries can be catastrophic, if not fatal. In some cases of New Jersey motorcycle accidents, a negligent driver may be to blame.

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