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Car Accidents Archives

New Jersey car accidents: Two die after van plunges into icy lake

A family is in shock after learning that their loved ones perished following a horrific crash recently. This family will never be the same because of this tragedy on a New Jersey highway. Fatal car accidents can have an emotional impact on families for years following the incident.

Car accidents involving wrong-way drivers often end in tragedy

A serious car accident left a 65-year-old man fighting for his life and a woman facing charges. The crash happened at 10:30 p.m. On a recent Monday night on Route 17 South in New Jersey. Authorities say the woman was driving the wrong way in the northbound lane when she crashed head-on into another vehicle. Car accidents involving wrong-way drivers often end tragically. 

New Jersey car accidents: Police lieutenant dies after crash

A minor fender bender typically ends with an exchange of information and perhaps an apology. That was not the case on a recent Friday morning on the New Jersey Turnpike when a police lieutenant died while assisting another motorist. Car accidents of this nature are becoming more common because many drivers do not move over for emergency vehicles.

New Jersey car accidents: Two airlifted out after crash

Nothing is more heart wrenching than finding out that our family members have been injured. Two families are holding vigils for their loved ones' today after a car crash left them seriously injured. The victims were airlifted from the accident scene and taken to Cooper University Hospital in Camden New Jersey. Sadly, car accidents such as this happen all too frequently.

Car accidents: 3-car crash claims the life of a man and his dog

Losing a family member and his beloved dog in a senseless accident is heartbreaking. Today a family is mourning the loss of their loved one and the family pet. The two were killed in a horrific crash Friday night when two separate vehicles on a New Jersey highway struck his car. According to a news release, the multi-car accident closed the roadway for hours that night and into the next morning. Car accidents such as this can leave families devastated.

Multi-car accidents claim two lives in fiery crash

Motor vehicle accidents can occur at any time and for a variety of reasons. In New Jersey, multiple families are grieving for loved ones who died or were injured in an early morning crash. A chain reaction of car accidents set off a fiery blaze that killed two people and injured six others.

Avoid car accidents with safe winter driving tips

With winter weather comes the potential for dangerous road conditions. Take extra precaution by outfitting vehicles with an emergency road kit. Include kitty litter for wheel traction, a shovel and ice scraper. Check the tire pressure and windshield wiper blades for wear, and make sure that the gas tank and all fluid levels are topped off. In New Jersey, drivers can avoid car accidents by taking the time to prepare their car and themselves for winter driving conditions.

Multiple car accidents in New Jersey

Multiple accidents, some involving pedestrians, started a recent week off on a sour note for several New Jersey towns. Four people died, and one person was said to be in critical condition. Many families are mourning the loss of their loved ones today after the car accidents occurred. Two female pedestrians were hurt in separate accidents; a 69-year-old died, and an 80-year-old suffered serious injuries. 

Pedestrians at risk in New Jersey car accidents

Pedestrians who are walking along and crossing roads in New Jersey may be risking their lives. Route 130 is a highway that runs from Salem County to Middlesex County. Somewhere in the middle, one stretch of this road in Burlington County has been labeled the deadliest in the state for people traveling on foot. In New Jersey, car accidents involving pedestrians are at an all-time high for six years running.

New Jersey car accidents: firefighter killed in car crash

A town is in mourning today after a member of the Jersey City Fire Department died in an early morning car accident. The 29-year-old died just two days before he was to take his captain's test for the New Jersey Fire Department. The firefighter, a decorated U.S. Navy Veteran, was a backseat passenger in one car involved in the head-on collision on Paterson Plank Road. Car accidents such as this one are hard for everyone involved to overcome.

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