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Animal Bites Archives

New Jersey animal bites: Pooch impounded after attack on neighbor

Everyone loves man's best friend, but a 40-pound American Bully is now facing a death sentence because he escaped from his home and bit a neighbor. It is now up to a judge to determine if the animal poses a risk to public safety and should be destroyed. New Jersey has a strict liability law that holds dog owners accountable for animal bites

Animal bites can occur without notice or provocation

We consider dogs to be mans' best friend, though virtually any dog is capable of attacking without warning. A dog may find itself in a stressful situation because it is scared or startled. Animal bites typically occur when a dog feels threatened and feels the need to protect its puppies, food or even a toy. New Jersey, like most states, has a strict liability law that holds owners accountable when their animal bites.

Dozens exposed to rabies after animal bites

A rabid kitten has exposed many people to rabies after it was brought to a local school this month. Health officials are investigating and are trying to determine the actual number of people and other animals who may have been exposed to the infected feline. In New Jersey, animal bites from cats have accounted for 85 percent of the rabies cases reported since 1989. This is attributed to the lack of vaccinations and the fact that cats are notorious roamers.

What to do when an animal bites in New Jersey

The Disease Control and Prevention reports that, across the United States, 4.5 million people each year are bitten by dogs and 400,000 by cats. Cats and dogs are the only animals included in these statistics. Without a doubt there are many more cases of animal bites that most likely did not require any type of medical attention. In New Jersey, recent changes require that all animal-related injuries be reported.

Animal bites: Dog at animal friendly restaurant bites toddler

Dogs can be unpredictable, and even some whose owners believe them to be docile can act out of character and show unexpected aggression. In most cases of animal bites in New Jersey, unrestrained dogs in public areas and their owners are the culprits. An unusual case occurred in another state on a recent Wednesday when a 3-year-old child suffered a dog bite in the face at a restaurant.

New Jersey animal bites: Woman awarded $850,000 in dog bite case

Tending a neighbor's animal while he or she is out of town or unable to for whatever the reason is something that many New Jersey residents are more than willing to do. What happens, though, if that animal attacks and injures its temporary care giver? Injuries from animal bites or aggressive behavior can be extremely damaging to the victim.

New Jersey animal bites: Several injured in pit bull attack

Law enforcement officials in New Jersey were contacted early in the day on March 21 after a pit bull attacked and injured five people. This happened at an apartment complex in Neptune. Per state laws regarding animal bites, the dog's owner may be held responsible for any damages sustained by the victims.

Following animal bites, compensation may be available

Anyone in New Jersey who has ever been attacked by a dog or other domestic animal knows that it can be a traumatizing event. Animal bites are known to cause a number of health and physical-related complications. These, of course, can result in one suffering emotionally and financially as well. If you have been attacked by an animal and have experienced losses as a result, you may have legal recourse.

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