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Different ways workers’ compensation may be able to help

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

There are several different ways that workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help injured workers. Injured workers and workers suffering with an occupational illness should know what those benefits are and how they can obtain them when they need them.

When a worker is injured and unable to work, there are several ways that workers’ compensation benefits can help including help with their medical care and lost wages and disability.

Medical care benefits

Medical benefits cover all reasonable and necessary medical care, hospitalizations and medications required to treat the worker’s injury. Medical bills should be paid directly without the worker having to pay them. The employer has the right to designate the medical care provider the worker sees for work-related injuries.

Wage and disability benefits

Benefits may be available in accordance with the nature and severity of the worker’s injuries. Benefits for temporary total disability, permanent partial disability or permanent total disability may be available. For example, injured workers suffering permanent total disability may be able to receive weekly wage benefits that are based on 70% of their average weekly wages subject to a maximum cap that limits the total amount of benefits they can receive.

Other benefits

In addition to medical benefits and wage and disability benefits, death benefits, including funeral costs, may be available through workers’ compensation to help surviving family members following a fatal workplace accident. This can include a weekly wage benefit based on 70% of the worker’s average weekly wages, also subject to a cap. The importance of workers’ compensation benefits to get workers and their families through a difficult time cannot be underestimated which is why workers should be familiar with how they are protected.