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March 2020 Archives

Trucker distractions that contribute to truck accidents

New Jersey vehicle accidents involving large commercial trucks and small automobiles rarely turn out well for the smaller vehicle and its occupants. Even if those in the smaller vehicle survive the truck accident, they will likely suffer serious or catastrophic harm. Remaining safe and injury-free is a goal shared by truckers and other drivers alike, yet crashes still occur, resulting in physical and financial hardships for the victims.

Are you working in an unsafe environment?

As an employee, you have certain rights that an employer may not violate, at least not without consequences. When most individuals think of work-related injuries, they imagine an accident on a factory floor or a slip-and-fall accident in an unsafe workspace. However, employers often pressure workers to continue to perform their jobs in unsafe conditions, and these employers may face significant legal action for doing so.

AAA survey reveals general unease about self-driving cars

While self-driving cars are far from becoming an everyday reality, automakers are worried about the public's ideas regarding them. A January 2020 survey from AAA found that an overwhelming majority of U.S. adults are uneasy about self-driving cars. New Jersey residents should know that only 12% of respondents said they would feel safe in one. Moreover, 28% said they don't know what to think about such cars.

Workplace safety may improve if OSHA publicizes violations

From 2009 to 2017, OSHA had a policy where it would issue a press release identifying those companies that commit a serious enough violation of its workplace safety standards. It was hoped that the press releases would educate other employers and deter them from making the same errors. New Jersey residents may wonder if the policy, which was discontinued by President Trump in 2017, was ever effective.

Concerns arise over bill to let teen truckers travel interstate

New Jersey allows drivers as young as 18 to obtain a CDL, but it limits those CDL holders under the age of 21 to travel within the state. The same goes for all states with the exception of Hawaii. Now, a bill has been introduced that may do away with this limitation and allow all truckers to travel interstate. A hearing held in February 2020 has explored the concerns with this bill.

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