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October 2019 Archives

The benefits of a quality workplace safety program

Companies in New Jersey and throughout the country may be able to reduce workers' compensation claims by implementing safety programs. They may also be able to reduce the severity of any claims that are made after they go into effect. Furthermore, companies that have fewer accidents may be able to pay less for a workers' compensation insurance policy. Smaller businesses may benefit more from avoiding claims as even a single accident can significantly increase their rates.

Some types of distracted driving more dangerous

Distracted driving poses a major threat to roadway safety in New Jersey, and some reports have been particularly concerned about the prevalence of distraction among inexperienced teen drivers. From October 20 through 26, communities mark Teen Driver Safety Week, highlighting activities and events that focus on improving skills and safety for young people behind the wheel. At Michigan State University, researchers released a study addressing issues of distraction among teens. The study examined 3,400 drivers between 2011 and 2013 using various instruments deployed in their cars to measure their driving skills and behavior while operating a vehicle.

The New Jersey winter increases your risk of slipping and falling

When the full force of winter hits New Jersey, life can become infinitely more difficult. Your daily commute will take longer and likely feel much more stressful because of the risk of skidding or whiteouts. Running errands can also be more stressful, especially as the holidays approach and there are more frantic shoppers in the stores.

Pesticide exposure raises risk for stroke, heart attack

A study has connected exposure to high pesticide levels with an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. New Jersey residents should know that the study involved 7,557 Japanese-American men who participated in another study called the Kuakini Honolulu Heart Program. This program lasted from 1965 to 1999. Researchers combined this with data from OSHA to determine pesticide exposure levels.

Safe driving techniques can reduce accident risk

Over the years, cars have become safer in the sense of affording more protection to drivers and passengers. In New Jersey and, generally, throughout the country, highways have statistically fewer accidents. Nonetheless, there are numerous vehicle collisions each day, and although, thankfully, most are minor in nature, some cause serious injury or worse. While the typical driver thinks the 'other guy" poses the primary danger of causing an accident, every person who gets behind the wheel should consider basic safety driving techniques.

Drugged or cognitively impaired patients can hurt medical staff

In any industry, there are a number of ways for professionals to wind up severely hurt through the course of their work. For those who work in the medical profession, physical injuries can often result from exposure to dangerous machinery or overexertion, which can occur when staff members attempt to move or lift heavy patients.

How to keep workers safe from workplace hazards

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 882,730 occupational injuries and illnesses in 2017 that resulted in lost days at work. Other negative consequences of New Jersey workplace injuries and illnesses include lost productivity as well as workers' compensation claims. All of these things could result in lost money for companies in any sector of the economy.

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