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August 2019 Archives

How to properly label hazardous waste

The Environmental Protection Agency has implemented a new rule that requires hazardous waste containers to be labeled with the words "hazardous waste." Furthermore, containers in New Jersey and other states must state the type of hazards that the materials may pose as well as how long they have been accumulating. This rule generally applies to drip pads, containment buildings and tanks used to hold such waste.

Preventing lead exposure in the workplace

Employers in New Jersey may have heard that the city of Newark has some of the highest levels of lead in its drinking water. Officials are even giving out bottled water to residents. Of course, any level of lead in water is dangerous to one's health, affecting brain development, fertility and the functioning of the heart and kidneys. Employers must be careful, then, that they are not exposing their workers to lead.

Bill introduced that may require AEB on all commercial trucks

Truckers in New Jersey may have heard that a bill was introduced that could mandate automatic emergency braking on all commercial trucks. The bill, called the Safe Roads Act of 2019, is seen as providing a "common-sense solution" to the rising number of truck crashes in the U.S., many of them fatal, and it has the support of truck safety groups like the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety.

Bullying bosses can make workplaces less safe

New Jersey workers might be interested to learn that workplaces with bosses who bully employees tend to experience more on-the-job injuries, according to a recent study. Researchers found that this may be because employees are more likely to make decisions that benefit a bullying boss rather than the group. This can potentially cause hazardous conditions for others.

It's the conversation, not the phone, that makes a call dangerous

No matter how long your daily commute lasts, you probably find yourself wishing you could get through it more quickly. Whether you spend an hour or 20 minutes getting to work each morning, the time you spend traveling to your job can feel like wasted minutes. You may get bored with the same scenery and route, which opens the door to distraction.

Minimizing the risk for nursing injuries

Nurses in New Jersey and the rest of the U.S. are frequently exposed to health and safety risks. However, there are ways they can minimize their risks for potentially life-threatening injuries. The following tips were collected by a panel of experts and presented by NurseZone.

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