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July 2019 Archives

Fatal accidents involving older drivers are becoming more common

Nearly one in five drivers throughout New Jersey and the rest of the country are older than 65. That figure has risen by almost a third in just the last decade, and it is expected to climb even further in the years ahead as the baby boom generation enters its golden years. Accident statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that fatal crashes involve an older driver about 14% of the time. The rise in the number of seniors killed on the nation's roads each year is outpacing other demographic groups.

Gathering evidence for your claim after a truck accident

Accidents that involve large commercial trucks cause incredible destruction, and may leave victims with serious, life-threatening injuries and significant property damage. The process of building a personal injury and property damage claim is complicated and lengthy, and many victims miss out on important forms of compensation because they do not understand the intricacies of the claim process and the rights that they have to protect.

Construction industry's five leading hazards in the summer

The construction industry faces five hazards in particular whenever summer comes around. Both employees and employers in New Jersey will want to know what these are and what can be done to prevent them from causing injury. The first is fatigue. Workers do not make sound judgments or react quickly to dangers when fatigued. The second is heat-related illness, which ranges from heat rash to heat stroke.

Longer driving hours for truckers

New Jersey motorists may want to know that long-haul truck drivers may soon be allowed to drive longer without having to stop for a rest. The Department of Transportation has stated that it intends to relax the federal regulations that limit the number of hours truck drivers are able to work. This is a development that the trucking industry has been working towards for some time. Opponents of the move assert that loosening the regulations will weaken them to the extent that there will be fatigue-related safety hazards on the road.

Most holiday drunk drivers on Fourth of July

The Fourth of July means holiday celebrations in New Jersey and all over the country. It also indicates traffic accidents, drunk drivers and fatalities on the road. Between the years 2010 and 2017, there were 1,192 traffic fatalities caused by drunk drivers nationwide. On average, there were 42.4 DUI fatalities on the Fourth of July each year during the period studied. Memorial Day and Labor Day were the second- and third-deadliest DUI holidays with 39.5 and 38.1 DUI fatalities respectively on average.

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