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December 2018 Archives

An overview of thoracic spinal cord injuries

The thoracic spine is made up of 12 vertebrae, numbered from T-1 down to T-12, in the upper and middle part of the back. Connecting the spine in the neck to the spine in the lower back, it helps keep the body upright and stable. Injuries to the T-1 to T-12 nerves will have different results. New Jersey residents who know someone who has suffered a spine injury should know what these differences are.

The various types of workers' compensation injuries

Injured workers in New Jersey can file a workers' compensation claim and, if successful, receive a guarantee of financial coverage. This can come in the form of medical bill coverage, the restoration of past and future lost wages and death benefits to the family of a fatally injured worker. In return for this coverage, workers or their family must waive the right to sue the employer.

How to identify and combat drowsy driving

Whether you are on a long road trip or driving home after an exceptionally long day at work, drowsiness can become a safety issue while you're behind the wheel. Driving drowsy can be just as dangerous as driving drunk, not only for you but for others on the road. While some people swear by certain tricks, like riding with the windows down or turning up the radio, these methods are not foolproof and don't work for everyone.

Collision avoidance systems will reverse spike in traffic deaths

Advanced collision avoidance technologies in cars will soon make roads in New Jersey and elsewhere much safer, according to a new analysis by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This will reverse the increase in U.S. traffic fatality numbers that has occurred over the past seven years.

Mining hazards, injury underreporting top OIG concerns

The Department of Labor has issued its semi-annual report from the Office of Inspector General. The report notes that underreporting of occupational injuries and fatalities of laborers in New Jersey and across the United States is an issue. The semi-annual report addressed the top challenges of the Department of Labor. Topping the list was the concern that OSHA needs to increase its efforts of requiring employers to report injuries and occupational fatalities.

Nursing home patients can cause injury risks for staff

Some elderly people move into nursing homes because they develop mobility issues. When older adults can no longer safely navigate their homes, their fall risk increases. Falls can cause fractures that lead to infections and other complications. For many seniors, moving into residential care facilities can help prevent traumatic injuries associated with falls.

How drivers can stay safe in the winter

Drivers in New Jersey should keep the following tips in mind before they head out in icy or snowy conditions. It all starts with having a properly winterized vehicle. A mechanic could check components like the battery, brakes, spark plugs and ignition. The mechanic could also ensure the right tire pressure and antifreeze levels.

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