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May 2018 Archives

Take steps to protect yourself against uninsured drivers

The roads in New Jersey can be dangerous, just like they can anywhere else. Knowing some of the risk factors can help you make smarter decisions about when and how to drive. However, even if you do everything in your power to drive safely, you can't control the actions (or inaction) of other people on the road. The safest driver in the world could still end up severely hurt in a collision or crash caused by another driver. It's enough to make anyone nervous. Thankfully, insurance helps to offset some of the risk associated with a crash.

OSHA focused on educating contractors about new silica rules

Building contractors in New Jersey have an obligation to measure their workers' exposure to silica and adopt methods that protect them from breathing harmful dust. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated regulations about silica dust in March 2016 by reducing acceptable exposure limits by 80 percent. Since September 2017, the new safety standards have been in effect. OSHA inspectors have not issued many citations yet as industry players seek clarification and guidance from the agency when they need to apply the rules to specific situations.

CVSA to crack down on moving violations in July

Unsafe driving behaviors are the leading cause of all highway crashes according to a study from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They contribute to a startling 88 percent of all crashes involving passenger vehicles and 93 percent of all large truck crashes. Responsible drivers in New Jersey may be wondering what is being done to prompt others to curb these behaviors.

Preventing warehouse injuries

With the increasing popularity of online shopping sites, the demand for warehouse workers in New Jersey and elsewhere is on the rise. The downside to this employment surge is that warehouses can be dangerous environments for workers. However, worker injuries and deaths can be avoided if warehouse management follows proper safety regulations.

Nursing home slip-and-fall cases in New Jersey

Every owner of a property must build, design and maintain the property in a way that makes it safe for those who visit. This obligation of care extends to all situations in which a property is likely to be visited by a guest -- whether it's for business or social purposes, and, sometimes, even in cases where someone wanders onto the property.

How employers can create a safety-minded culture

A safety-minded culture is essential for business owners in New Jersey as anywhere else in the U.S. Workplace injuries are still all too common. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that more than 2,000 workers incur eye injuries every day. With these injuries come increased workers' compensation costs, higher medical expenses and higher turnover rates. Employee morale will plummet as will productivity.

Settling out of court after a trucking accident

In their effort to be compensated, victims of commercial truck accidents can do one of two things under the civil laws of New Jersey: They can opt for litigation, or they can get the other side to settle out of court. Informal settlements come with several advantages as victims will be able to save time and money that would have otherwise gone toward a prolonged trial.

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