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March 2018 Archives

Those who work in nursing homes risk serious injuries on the job

To those who only visit, nursing homes probably seem like very safe and even boring places. However, for those who work in these important facilities, there are significant risks every day. The nurses, aides and other personal care professionals who work in nursing homes, personal care facilities and similar assisted living facilities can easily end up hurt on the job.

CVSA schedules International Roadcheck for June

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is responsible for conducting a three-day inspection spree every year called the International Roadcheck. It covers North America and applies to all commercial truck and bus drivers. Those in New Jersey to whom this inspection applies should know that the 2018 International Roadcheck will take place from June 5 to June 7.

Workers may face eye risks while on the job

Eye safety can be a major concern for workers in construction, mining and other New Jersey industries that pose a risk of exposure to dangerous materials. However, eye protection and safety can also be important for workers behind a desk in an office. Since injuries that affect vision can be particularly expensive and personally devastating, it should be a priority to protect eye safety in the workplace.

Lifting patients is one danger nurses face

While many hospitals, including those in South Jersey, have taken steps to provide healthier work environments such as programs to help nursing staff avoid burnout, there is one area where every hospital seems to come up short: patient lifting practices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that, every year, nurses suffer from 35,000 back and musculoskeletal injuries, mostly due to lifting patients.

Soft tissue damage: causes and symptoms

The muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the body are called the soft tissues, and these can be sprained, strained, and torn by sudden, uncontrollable movements. This is why soft tissue damage is a frequent outcome of car accidents, when the impact and braking toss the body back and forth. Drivers in New Jersey will want to know what the symptoms are.

Trucking association pursues lawsuit over sleep apnea rules

People in New Jersey and across the United States may be highly concerned about the danger of getting into an accident with a truck while out on the highways. Collisions with large trucks can cause devastating personal injuries and costly property damage, and driving safety concerns can be magnified with these massive vehicles. While there are a number of worries about dangerous driving on the roadways, drowsy truck driving can be one of the most serious and deadly.

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