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February 2018 Archives

Report urges state governors to improve traffic safety

According to a report issued by the National Governors Association, the governor of New Jersey has a critical role to play for improving safety on the state's roads. The report urges all governors to increase efforts to address the rising dangers experienced by motorists and pedestrians.

How outdoor workers can prevent cold stress

Residents of New Jersey should know about the dangers of working outdoors during the winter. Among the most common conditions that outdoor workers suffer from is cold stress. This occurs when the skin temperature and, eventually, internal temperature drops to the point that the body can no longer warm itself. Cold stress can lead to permanent tissue damage and even death.

Behavioral health and women's workplace injuries

Working women in New Jersey may have a higher chance of sustaining an injury on the job if they suffer from anxiety, fatigue or depression. This is according to a study conducted by researchers at the Colorado School of Public Health's Center for Health. The study also found that while men had an increased risk of being injured at work, only the women's risk of workplace injury was impacted by mental health factors.

Assisted driving technology already saving lives

Despite their current unavailability, there has been a great deal of publicity surrounding self-driving cars in recent years. It's not hard to understand why New Jersey drivers might be excited about the autonomous future given the benefits touted by automakers. However, many of the lifesaving features on self-driving cars are already available in some existing models.

Medical staff frequently end up hurt in the line of duty

Nurses, physicians' assistants and other medical professionals who work in hospitals or at clinics devote their lives to caring for others. Many of these jobs require multiple years of schooling, as well as a dedication to working longer-than-average shifts, often 12 hours at a time, on top of rotating holidays. Still, medical workers continue to do everything in their power to ensure the well-being of the people entrusted to their care.

Car insurance companies could start tracking phone use

Drivers in New Jersey and around the country may be aware that auto insurance companies use driving histories as well as other information to determine premiums. Rates are generally higher for motorists who have low credit scores or live in high-crime areas. A division of the Allstate Insurance Company has recently developed a way to also track in-car smartphone use to assess distracted driving risks. Arity says that its technology, which uses a phone's gyroscope and accelerometer to track speed and movement, can even tell when drivers pick up their phones to make calls or send text messages.

What to do after a workers' compensation claim gets denied?

Workers' compensation is a program created in order to protect those who work for a living from ending up disabled and in poverty as a result of a work injury. Employers in New Jersey must generally carry a policy to protect workers who sustain injuries or develop an illness in the course of their work. That means that it can feel frustrating and unfair when you receive notice that your claim for these critical benefits got denied for some reason.

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