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January 2018 Archives

NHTSA wants to make ending drugged driving a priority

In an effort to make roads in New Jersey and throughout the country safer, the NHTSA is partnering with other stakeholders in an effort to end drugged driving. Among the parties invited to attend a March 15 summit include state and local elected officials and data and policy experts. Others include toxicologists and those who have criminal justice or law enforcement backgrounds. They will work with the agency on developing ways to keep the roads safer.

NTSB recommends severe changes to curtail speeding

Traffic deaths in New Jersey and across the country have been on the rise in recent years. Experts disagree on the cause. While some believe that the increase of total drivers on the road has naturally led to a higher rate of collisions, others point to smartphones in the hands of distracted motorists or pedestrians. However, a study by the National Transportation Safety Board puts the blame on speeding.

How to avoid the dangers of snow removal work

Winter in New Jersey brings with it the task of shoveling or removing snow, which for some people is part of their job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reminds employers and workers about the potential dangers of snow removal and offers tips on how to stay safe while doing this type of work.

2 trucks, 1 car involved in fatal New Jersey accident

Three vehicles were involved in a car crash in Mount Olive, New Jersey yesterday, leaving two people dead. No information was provided about the survivors of the crash -- the drivers of two trucks -- but the occupants of a smaller Honda car were killed in the wreck. Details are sparse on how the crash happened, but we do know that it happened on Route 80 and that it occurred around 4:30 p.m.

Dog bites kill dozens of Americans every year

Imagine that you are running down the street one day as you try to keep in shape. Your runs are usually uninterrupted, allowing you to get healthy and find some peace after a stressful day. But this run is different. As you pass a yard that always has a dog in it, the dog looks at you and suddenly attacks. It isn't tethered to anything, nor is it secured. The dog simply bolts for you, attacking an gnashing its teeth.

Nurses risk injury every day while helping others at work

When people think about dangerous professions, nursing usually isn't at the top of the list. Most people imagine nurses having a secure and simple job. While nurses certainly do administer medication, talk to patients and help provide daily care for those in hospitals, they do so at great physical risk to themselves.

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