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December 2014 Archives

Pedestrian accidents and comparative fault in NJ

Readers have all heard and read about the issue of distracted driving, whether in the paper, on the television, or through having experienced it in their own life. Distracted driving is, indeed, an important highway safety issue nowadays, when so many Americans have smartphones on them at all times, often using them even while they are driving.

Drunk-driving accidents and civil liability

In our last post, we spoke briefly about the concept of using past criminal convictions as evidence in personal injury or wrongful death claims. As we noted, some incidents giving rise to personal injuries or fatality can become the subject of both criminal and civil liability, and a criminal conviction can potentially be used in a later civil proceeding.

Using criminal convictions as evidence in civil cases

Last week, a woman who formerly worked as a driver for NJ Transit was sentenced for a conviction of vehicular homicide involving the death of a pedestrian. The charge stems from the death of a man who was a passenger on the bus the woman was driving back in 2012. The bus driver apparently struck and killed the man in an intersection after dropping him off and then accelerating as the traffic light was passing from yellow to red.

Intersection accidents and liability disputes: work with an experienced attorney

Motor vehicle accidents can occur in a variety of circumstances, for a variety of reasons. That being said, there are some situations and circumstances in which accidents are more likely to occur. High-traffic intersections, particularly those with fast-moving traffic, can set up the right conditions for particularly bad accidents.

New Jersey's strict liability dog bite law

As readers are well aware, man's best friend is not always friendly. In some cases, owning a dog is positively dangerous and puts others at risk of injury and oneself at risk of liability. To ensure safety, the New Jersey Department of Health has various requirements for dog owners and kennels, which includes licensing and registration, rabies inoculation, and required reporting of suspected cases of rabies.

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